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LED industry develops rapidly, Shenzhen government will provide better platform for them
LED industry develops rapidly, Shenzhen government will provide better platform for them
7/19/2010 3:05:31 AM  hits:138
LED industry develops rapidly, Shenzhen government will provide better platform for them
Nowadays the led industry developed rapidly, more and more enterprise has entered into this field, and accordingly more and more local governments pay attention and effort supports to this field. And this time on the 2010 fifth session "China (Shanghai) the international led industry technology - up to the LED luminophor and the urban illumination exhibition”, more than 40 Shenzhen LED Enterprise who were organized by Shenzhen Municipal government and Shenzhen Electron Chamber of commerce made an excellent performance on this exhibition and attracted thousands of domestic and oversea buyers.
Shenzhen's LED enterprise occupies the most market in the nation. And through this activity, the whole exhibition team has received a highly attention of Shenzhen Municipal government as well as Shenzhen Electron Chamber of commerce. The government also hopes by the aid of this international exhibition plate to attract domestic and oversea buyers, and they also hope to conformity and joint all enterprises’ resources and advantages together.
This exhibition achieves project more than 2000 projects and also it sets a record of more than 40 hundred million volumes trading amount. It drew a satisfactory full stop for Shenzhen LED regiment to enter the East China market.
It is reported that the Shenzhen Related Department started to construct eight big platforms, including Huaqiang north the LED purchase center, the LED technology research and development courtyard etc. and among them the LED technology research and development courtyard settles down in the Nanshan district, and in future it will apply for the construction state-level LED R&D center to strengthen the exchange and communication between enterprise research and development; All these actions will establish the LED standard and patent alliance to make the LED industry develop more stable and stronger.
On October 12, 2009, Shenzhen City Administrative bureau printed and distributed “Shenzhen city lighting on strengthening comprehensive energy conservation submissions ", it plans to economize on electricity 5% illumination in urban area every year and requests the electricity saving to achieve 15% within 3 years. Moreover it has formulated the specific measures for the energy conservation of city lighting system. From all these policies we have seen government’s work determination for “Energy conservation and emission reduction”. We trust in future Shenzhen government will provide better platform for industry.
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