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After three years, LED bulbs will GO into millions of households

After three years, LED bulbs will GO into millions of households
8/19/2010 1:48:10 AM  hits:145
After three years, LED bulbs will GO into millions of households
Currently led indoor lighting concentrated in the decorative lighting, such as entertainment venues, commercial lighting and public lighting such as underground car parking lots, star hotel corridors, not really into the huge market of ordinary indoor lighting. Main indoor lighting products are down lights, spotlights, LED bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs and freezer lights. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Working Group on semiconductor lighting technology standard, vice head, Peng Wanhua, pointed out that, some foreign countries according to the development scheme of LED interior lighting, is expected to push the main commercial lighting during year 2010-2012,  year 2012-2015 will be the main push for general lighting, that is ordinary household lighting.

For the future development of lighting, what will be the mass process for LED interior lighting? Among the current varied LED interior lighting products, LED light bulbs is one of the important forms. According to some research, light bulb market, at least the short term to year 2017, the traditional light sources, such as incandescent, fluorescent and LED light bulbs and other new light sources will co-lead the market. LED light bulbs will be the mainstream after a period of time substitution of traditional and energy-saving light. LED light bulbs currently are still in the market introduction phase. LED bulbs are expected as the great business opportunities in 2014 after the outbreak of the very strong demand in 2018 will be a significant lead after the fluorescent light source, and go into millions of households。

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