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Why LED light will replace CFL lamp

Why LED light will replace CFL lamp
8/19/2010 2:26:17 AM  hits:188
Why LED light will replace CFL lamp
1. CFL lamp is the progress of incandescent lamp

As we know, incandescent lamp is Edison's important invention.From that moment, it helps us out of darkness and go to a bright future. But the lamp wastes too much power, because nearly less than one tenth of the energy is turned into light, and the other turn into heat . So people are seeking other ways to use the new LED light source for replacing incandescent lamps. So energy-saving lamps emerge at the right moment, because of its cheap and good production, there is a trend to gradually replace the incandescent lamp.
2. Disadvantage of incandescent lamp

(1). the production process and discarded after using will cause mercury pollution.

(2). Because it is made of glass, it is not only easy to break, but also not good at transportation and installation.

(3). Power consumption is also a little more.

(4). Easy to break and the lifetime is short.
3. Advantage of LED lamp

(1). saving power
LED power consumption is only 1 / 8 of Incandescent lamp, and 1 / 2 of CFL lamp
(2). Long time lifetime
The lifetime of LED lamp can reach above 100000hrs.
(3). Can work at high speed work status.
As for energy-saving lamps, if the startup or shutdown frequently, its filament will turn black quickly.
(4). Solid-state package, led lights belong to cold light source type.
It is very easy to transport and install .Basically, no need to worry about vibration situation.
(5). LED technology is in the rapid progress, its luminous efficiency is making amazing breakthroughs, and now the cost is going down.
As technology is progressing and high requirement for green living, believe LED lights will replace the energy-saving lamps soon.

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