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LED Lighting Market Trend Under new U.S. Energy Policies
LED Lighting Market Trend Under new U.S. Energy Policies
8/22/2010 8:46:14 PM  hits:156
LED Lighting Market Trend Under new U.S. Energy Policies
American new energy policy have produced positive influence on LED lighting market. American government and non-governmental energy project have promoted route of LED lighting products’ cost  and  performance, raised the consciousness of LED products quality and its necessity, made and implemented the relevant standards, development of  breakthrough technology, education and formation of buying habit. The result of these is that accelerated market growth and realized real energy conservation.
Once lighting was very simple. Although incandescent light is power wasting, it has features of well performance of light color, low price. Then the lighting has become complicated. CFL started energy-saving. But the first generation of CFL (1900s) have disadvantages of bad light color, humming, flicker, starting lowly, no-dimmable, containing mercury (more than 5mg). Later, LED lighting come out. But its price is high and technology of heat dissipation need to be improved. Although marketing is very large, consumers can’t understand this technology, only know its energy saving, don’t know where is advantage of LED lighting.
U.S. government give its support and make energy policy. First, it is bill of energy independence and security . Learned from 2007 energy independence and security law, it banned the manufacturing of metallic halide lamp with probe startup and magnetic ballast (more than 150W and less than 500W) from 2009.  It strictly limited manufacturing or importing incandescent lights (tax free) from 2012, made incentive policy to promote LED products which can replace 60W incandescent lamp. Second, it is the energy star plans. The energy star made the standard of integrated LED lamps. Thirdly, it is subsidies to energy-saving lamps, $15 to $50 for each lamp.
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